how to credit blog images…

I got pulled up by some of you here on this blog. For not crediting the pics I use on this blog properly. And to be frank, it made me squirm, because I’d kinda known it to be so…but had put the squirming on a shelf until I got my head around the best way to fix things. Time to come clean. Line in sand.

Picture 11
by gomer sasquatch

Where I’ve been able to I’ve inserted a credit. But some of my images get sent to me, or I find them on random email links where the credit has long dropped off. But I’ve been switching my ways…while trying to find the most efficient way to 1. save images I find 2. know which need crediting and 3. credit efficiently.

A few readers have recently sent in some tips as well, so thank you.

These are some of the tricks and tips I’ve discovered to help smooth out this crediting business:

Free Images:

Flickr’s Creative Commons is a non-profit that offers an alternative to full copyright. Users attach the appropriate license symbol – there are four levels of licensing – to their flickr stream, and readers (potential image seekers, ie ME) can easily tell whether they are allowed to use the images, andtrans how to credit blog images... at what level of creditation.

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