because i know you’ve always wondered: the best coloured undies to be wearing right now

Now this is possibly an overly frivolous post. But, hey, it’s Friday. And, strangely, I do actually care if I’m wearing the wrong coloured undies. A while back reader Heather asked me to do a post on colour…and what they do for our moods etc. So I thought I’d consult a woman who specialises in colour…and coloured knicker readings. Seriously!

74634_1_468cYears ago, when I edited Cosmopolitan magazine, I called in Australia’s leading colour specialist Chris Brazel to do a feng shui/colour makeover of our office. She walked straight into my office and shrieked, “OMG, you’ve got a fire extinguisher in your relationship corner!!!”. At the time I was extracting myself from a very messy relationship. I called the maintenance dude and had him remove it immediately. Seriously! Again!

This time I got Chris to do a colour reading on stuff in my life…as a way of illustrating some stuff on colour. I gave her five images and she went to town:

1. My orange bike (and brown top)

With the brown top it indicates that someone is bogged down and the orange is about change and wanting movement towards balance or a change in direction with work.

mandarin bike
photo by Vanessa Hunter

It is interesting to see that in each of the photos below there’s a representation of being at a cross roads (legs are crossed in almost every shot) in the direction to where Sarah was heading with her life and her knowledge…wanting to gain more balance in her life and with her work.

Legs represent direction.  Where you are walking to for the future.  When legs are crossed it simply means that you are at crossed roads.  The energy of the knee when sore or you have problems will indicate that you are being stubborn about a decision you know you need to make.  In all the items you sent through the legs were crossed hence the same energy of being at cross roads.

2. White leisure suit (well, it does look like one, right!?)

Picture 11 because i know you've always wondered: the best coloured undies to be wearing right now

All white indicates not knowing which direction to take at the moment.  The head is tilted which suggests someone is still in an area of the past.  The angle of the knee, the right knee, says someone wants to move forward but  is still stubborn about something to do with their belief in their knowledge or themselves.

3. My blog header

Picture 1

Sarah sits with her legs crossed (again) above what she writes, which relates to her knowledge. The colour of her jacket is a salmon pink colour which can often indicate that the person may not be honouring what is best for themselves.  It can often be a sign of infidelity. Or this could simply mean not doing what is best for your inner child.

4. My loungeroom (lots of red and yellow)


The colour red is about focus, new beginnings, confidence, status and action. Yellow is about clarity, optimism, it is the energy of the sun, the yang energy, the male energy and the creative energy.

The artwork on wall – the girl has her legs cross above the books. Again!


I also got Chris to answer a few questions that you…and my lovely Jo…had…

* What is the best colour to make our screensavers?

Your screen saver is extremely important  as it is the first energy you seen when you first turn on your computer.My screen savers change every month depending on the energy of the month.  I have at the moment a purple – the reason being to lift my vibration and being recognised at a higher level for my knowledge and wisdom.

  • Purple is a belief in your knowledge that your wisdom and knowledge are of a high value.  It is also a spiritual colour and a colour of strength.  When you have purple with white it has the energy of helping you face what you need to face to reach your full potential.
  • Sunflowers are excellent for new golden opportunities.
  • Dragon fly if you want transformation.
  • You always avoid pictures of mountains as that will indicate that you feel you have obstacles in your way.
  • You should also avoid butterflies if you want real change and especially two butterflies together as that will relate to relationships ending in sadness.
  • Other animals such as the owl is great for wisdom, dolphins for freedom, horses to stop any stagnation.
  • Most word computer  screen savers except for the tulips are not positive.
  • Avoid black, grey or brown.  They’re a cry for help.  Grey means that you are in a grey area of your work and life, brown that you are bogged down and black – there is something that needs to end.

* What colour undies should we wear when we’re in a creative rut?

Orange, then add a little yellow

* What’s the best colour for a girl to wear on a first date?

Fuchsia pink – red is too strong, pale pink too flimsy. If you have pink and green this indicates that you are free to love again, or fuchsia pink and turquoise is the breath of love.

* What colour tea cup should we drink our tea/coffee from?

  • Red would work for focus on drawing what you want into your life.  It is great for focus.
  • Yellow for clarity and to be optismistic,  lime green for growth, peridot green for patience.
  • Pink and green to have a feeling of free to love again.
  • Orange and red if you need to change something in your career or finances.
  • Turquoise is you want to be true and do what is best for you.  Turquoise and fuschia pink if you want the breath of love.
  • If someone is going around in circles then they would avoid cups with circles running around the cup.
  • If someone  wants to complete something then they could go for spots.  Red and white spots would indicate a person wants the confidence to close something in their life or to finish off a project so they can collect.
  • Stripes are excellent for people who need to learn to work in a team environment or want to get on a direct route to where they want to go.  Green and white are excellent in stripes to get structure and growth.

To contact Chris to get a reading – she travels to offices around Australia – her service details are on her website.

What do you make of this? I’m personally a little worried about my cross-legged thing. But I do have a two pairs of orange undies!

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