your thoughts on giving back

Recently I shared a short thought on giving back … a stack of you seemed interested in finding ways to volunteer and give…so I thought I’d post some of the ideas you shared with me. Thanks to everyone who reached out. Always appreciated.

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Lisatelecross – a part of the Red Cross where volunteers are given people to call at the same time every day to make sure they are okay. Like the elderly who are lonely or unable to get around. Perfect for me as a stay at home mum with three kids.

Gavin Hardy: Bicycle Advocacy… it seems to be the recurring theme lately. I particularly like the recycling of bikes, which help kickstart small businesses in Africa.

Zetty – I started to send each of my friends a little heart with a message to tell them how I love and appreciate them. This was the beginning of what has become the Travelling Heart Project. I now have people adopting hearts and joining in the fun of spreading love from all around the world.

Penelope – I run a program in NW Tasmania called Produce to the People. We gather excess produce from people’s backyard gardens and give it to families in need in the community. We also plant snack gardens in Primary Schools so kids get to see their food grow and get unemployed youth to help build them. It can be really simple to make a difference.

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