my hunt for the perfect bike satchel

This has become a fixation with me – finding THE satchel that I can carry my laptop (and wallet, keys, glasses etc) in, which also works on a bike. If you ride, you’ll know that  not all satchels are created equal. So I’ve been exploring…


tumblr_l5repgmo5f1qbh9lqvia downtown from behind tumblr

The sling over the shoulder deal is great…but I’ve been finding it mucks with my left shoulder over time. And it does a swingy-forward thing if I’m not careful. Worse, to avoid this swingy-forward thing, especially when going up hills,  I find my body tensing – including my right hip – to stop it doing so. Which leads to lots of niggly pains. Ooooh, I have many!


Picture 1

So I started to ride, often as possible, with no bag. My key and my ATM card and my mobile go down my bra, my lock over my shoulder, and I even started stuffing my groceries down the back of my pants. Which is clearly not satisfactory. And having my mobile close to my boob worried me.

Then I found  Cambridge Satchel Company on Trendhunter. They highlighted the flouro colours. Then I looked closely. They came in a version that

a) fitted a laptop perfectly, and

b) had two straps, so you could carry it on your back, evenly, and not over one shoulder!!!

Picture 1

Picture 2This is the one I got. Green. Because it contrasts nicely with my orange bike.

Anyway, here follows some other ideas which seem to tick off at least one of my criteria (laptop or double straps).

Picture 3peace4you messenger bag (via coolmaterial)

Picture 4

Picture 6fullgive leather macbook case (via: etsy)

I tested this Witchery one below…it holds a laptop snugly!

Picture 1Witchery – army satchel

Picture 1Witchery – Libby satchel


Feel free to add your own finds below…or suggestions for carting your stuff on a bike.

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