my hunt for the perfect bike satchel

This has become a fixation with me – finding THE satchel that I can carry my laptop (and wallet, keys, glasses etc) in, which also works on a bike. If you ride, you’ll know that  not all satchels are created equal. So I’ve been exploring…


tumblr_l5repgmo5f1qbh9lqvia downtown from behind tumblr

The sling over the shoulder deal is great…but I’ve been finding it mucks with my left shoulder over time. And it does a swingy-forward thing if I’m not careful. Worse, to avoid this swingy-forward thing, especially when going up hills,  I find my body tensing – including my right hip – to stop it doing so. Which leads to lots of niggly pains. Ooooh, I have many!

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