27 ideas that make today better

A while back I asked what technique or course or mantra or philosophy or book or practice or sport or “thing” you’re engaging in that’s making life richer and deeper for you, and facilitating a deeper connection to what matters. You sent through the most mad responses and ideas. Thank you thank you thank you!! Time to share….

Picture 10 27 ideas that make today better

Sian: Reading “Born to be Free” by Jackie O’Keefe

Robin: I started a ritual every night, where I light half a stick of incense and honor the day that just passed (whether it was “good” or “bad”), this moment, myself and all life. I felt a little silly doing this at first, but it has really woken me up – forcing me to realize that there are only so many days. Sobering.

Ann: We re-joined the rock climbing gym last week. My husband and I met there 6 years ago, and then when we got married and my kids got busier, we stopped going and let our membership lapse. We are really loving the time together and I am reminded of why I loved rock climbing from the first time – it makes you be in the present moment to solve a problem, focus on technique, push yourself past the limits you think you have. It’s physical and spiritual at the same time for me, a lot like yoga.

Jodi: Writing to my friends, family and loved ones. I write at least five letters a week. It makes me feel close to people and I do it without expecting anything in return. People LOVE letters or any kind of mail that isnt bills or something that makes them feel bad.

Cecilia: Mindfulness of everything I consume – whether it is media, movies, conversations, thoughts, food, personal products, these are all going into my mind, body, and spirit. I try to be more aware if something has a false message, negativity, greed, anger, ignorance, poison, chemicals, preservatives, and how this will affect me as a whole.

Michelle:  Surfing means a great deal to me on so many levels, particularly spiritually. It keeps me grounded and in touch with something far greater than the puny-ness of our physical existence. It feels even more valuable now that I am a Mother of two. It’s my saviour. I also swear by MamaBake, it gives me online and in real life community and connection to others by sharing a chore shoulder to shoulder with my MamaSisters, during a time which would otherwise be socially isolating.

Stellaaaaaarrr: Allowing myself to get creative and sink my teeth into some hands-on projects. I’ve recently become inspired by a lot of DIY blogs, so I’ve been scouting op shops for some cheap finds, renovating them and turning them into something unique!

Nicoletta: I broke my neck and back in a car accident nearly three years ago, and within the first week of lying in bed unable to move I realized unless I took control of my mind, my injuries and long recovery would get me down, so I started without fail every single evening when I turned out my light to count on my fingers 10 things in my life I was grateful for…. they could be absolutely anything… watching a butterfly in flight… my dog… anything…. 3 years later I still do this every single evening, it keeps me in a place of being truly grateful for the little things in life rather than getting bogged down emotionally by the small insignificant things. My life is good… I am happy and healthy, and I’ve just started my own business. I’ve recently included a range of stunning wooden bangles that remind us of this simplicity. I sell a 4 pack of small wooden bangles which are hand carved and say: ‘Be Grateful, Be You, Be True, Republic of You’… my others say ‘Life is Short. Be Bold’ and ‘Go Against the Grain. Be You’. Good can come out of everything in life if your mind is in the right place.

The Dame: the internet – wealth of information at my fingertips on every subject that tickles my fancy. Currently I am learning all about natural therapy and healthy eating to prevent disease. Previously I was learning about Permaculture.

Laura:  Living wholeheartedly… Brene Brown’s mantra. I love it. I think she really gets to the crux of why we are disconnected and unhappy. It all makes sense!

Merryn: After seven months of working at home by myself, having a desk again and being surrounded by people who are interested in what I’m doing. Even though it’s the same stuff I’m working on as before. It’s the being around people that makes it so much better.

Janine: Brainwave stimulation audios – I like the Equisync ones because they’re only 20 mins long so easy to fit into busy days (http://www.eocinstitute.org/?Click=32926). Mind Movies/Affirmation Audios – esp those by Wendy Speigner (http://youtu.be/EHCBzTyJ5go). Mike Dooley’s Notes From the Universe (http://www.tut.com/theclub/). And whenever possible, lying on the grass in the sunshine, smiling.

Alice Blue: Metta meditation (loving kindness) – I like the Buddhist approach of self acceptance and love and then extending it out to those we love, those we are neutral towards and even those we find difficult. The positive wishes are then sent out to all living things.

Jemma: I completed the transcendental meditation course with Tim in Paddington a month ago and it is hands down the best thing I have ever done for myself. It really is a gift that keeps on giving – allowing you to connect with ‘the source’ and with a deeper part of your consiousness (where all the good stuff is hiding!) twice a day.

Cecilia: My art classes – it’s nourishes me in several ways. I am able to immerse myself in one of my passions, learning through dedication and experience. Also meeting likeminded people who are both on my wavelength and different enough to expand my mind, and to help each other grow.

Mia: At the moment I am feeling my way around solitude… learning how to love myself again after a big relationship ending, which also meant the loss of most of my friends and family and the place I lived, in addition to loss of partner.

Penny: Starting piano lessons after 10 years – music is a beautiful friend I had forgotten.

Pip: I just started a Qi Gong class and it’s doing amazing things for my energy. I feel ‘realigned’ somehow and like my centre is solid again.

Alex: Prayer. I feel off and not myself if I miss it for a few days. I’m praying a novena at the moment about a family member I’m really worried about and it has given me such peace.

Fi: A playlist of peppy music. Who can’t feel great after dancing around the house for an hour.

“K”: My mantra: “Act despite the fear.” I think I wake-up every day feeling terrified in some way but then I feel totally exhilirated when facing things I’ve always been scared to do. I’ve faced a lot of things lately that I’ve been wanting to do for some time and I couldn’t be prouder of myself.

Tracy: Mirror work, it may sound strange, however it works wonders. Looking right into my eyes in the mirror, while saying positive affirmations, forgiving people, saying things I want to say to others. It seems to connect me what what is real and what’s important for my highest good.

Jen: Playing with a child, any child will do. Even getting one on the train to catch my eye and then play a silent game of peek-a-boo with them. Their outlook on the world is so impartial and inspiring. Have a 30 minute conversation with a talkative 4 year old. That’s when I learn the most, the questions they ask, why, well why indead?? and of course….why not!! So much is put into perspective when you look at the world from their point of view. Who cares if you don’t have a promotion, travel plans are cancelled or things aren’t going right. Their world is as simple as the day that they are living in right now and the best thing about their day might just be playing with YOU.

Naomi:  I have a little “I love…” book in which I write simple things I love in life – “an avenue of trees”; “picnics”; “Just enough red wine”; “the smell of a bakery early in the morning”.

Emma: Kinesiology! It taught me that every reaction is just that… a reaction! I no longer judge myself for being angry, sad, feeling a victim… instead I look at those emotions and can know WHY I feel that way.. therefore I can work through them. It connects me back to me.

Trevor: I do something called Sukyo Mahikari which helps me feel more positive,calm and energised. It has a healing aspect,promotes organic living and helps one understand the universal principles which govern our lives. It has certainly helped my life.

Kirsty: My tiny little veranda vegetable garden is also bringing me closer to me. By tending to it each morning before I go to work, I’ve created some space in my life. It’s also taught me to experiment without being afraid of failure, to get my hands dirty and to have patience.

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