27 ideas that make today better

A while back I asked what technique or course or mantra or philosophy or book or practice or sport or “thing” you’re engaging in that’s making life richer and deeper for you, and facilitating a deeper connection to what matters. You sent through the most mad responses and ideas. Thank you thank you thank you!! Time to share….

Picture 10 27 ideas that make today better

Sian: Reading “Born to be Free” by Jackie O’Keefe

Robin: I started a ritual every night, where I light half a stick of incense and honor the day that just passed (whether it was “good” or “bad”), this moment, myself and all life. I felt a little silly doing this at first, but it has really woken me up – forcing me to realize that there are only so many days. Sobering.

Ann: We re-joined the rock climbing gym last week. My husband and I met there 6 years ago, and then when we got married and my kids got busier, we stopped going and let our membership lapse. We are really loving the time together and I am reminded of why I loved rock climbing from the first time – it makes you be in the present moment to solve a problem, focus on technique, push yourself past the limits you think you have. It’s physical and spiritual at the same time for me, a lot like yoga.

Jodi: Writing to my friends, family and loved ones. I write at least five letters a week. It makes me feel close to people and I do it without expecting anything in return. People LOVE letters or any kind of mail that isnt bills or something that makes them feel bad.

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