when failure is totally an option

This is an ad for a global sneaker brand, I know. And it’s been, no doubt, developed by a team of brand psychologists who conspire to manipulate the human mind for consumerist outcome.


Gosh, it’s good and touching.

We need to hear from other people Рespecially people we regard as successful  Рabout how they failed more than they succeeded. For two reasons.

So we know success isn’t something magical and based on luck. That it’s about hard work. And we can all do hard work, right?

And also to remind us that we ONLY succeed by going DOWN into failure. Going down means we then build up “success strength” in the grapple back out. Going down buys us the time to know what we’re doing. Going down cements what we really want (because you have to have something to aim for when you grapple back out). Going down means when we succeed, we’re the real deal, not just a fluke.

To really get the message, you need to see this, too:

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