Seven weeks and counting down (and freaking)

Oh, you know what. Deep breath. This…

photo1 Seven weeks and counting down (and freaking)

Have you ever done something that’s terrified you to the core?  That you have to dive into with no map, no instructions, nothing to hold onto? Instead you must freefall with no guarantee of where – and if – you’re going to land? Something that you know will change you, but you don’t know how yet…you just know it will, and already has?

For me, that’s what this book I’m writing has been about. This book IS the VERY journey that I’m writing about. I’ve lived out my book, about half a chapter ahead of the writing and so my writing has had to wait for my psychic growth. And my damn psychic growth WON’T be rushed.

Deadline is in seven weeks. I have half the book left to write. I’m Bradley Cooper’s character in Limitless. And I still don’t know what my book is really about.

Freaking? You bet? Fired up? More than ever.

I share this, well, to simply share a moment in “This is serious, Mum” fear. Because we all have these moments.

Don’t we?

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