We quit sugar… and this is what has happened

Time to share feedback. I’ve been very much taken by surprise by how my I Quit Sugar ebook has been received. I’m beside myself with satiated joy that so many people have been able to experience some REAL results from quitting the white stuff. Thousands have now tried the 8-week program. Here’s some feedback on what they’ve found and learned…heartening!

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Jasmin says: I’m in week 4 and i’m amazed by the changes so far, I hardly have anymore headaches, I’m not craving sugar or any crap food actually, people have commented on me losing weight, my afternoon slump is pretty much gone so I’m so happy and grateful Sarah, I have been surrounded by cakes and sweets etc this past week and for the first time in my life it wasn’t an issue for me, I didn’t want any and I was happy not to have any so that’s pretty amazing, this is def something I want to keep continuing on with so THANK YOU!!!!

Jon says:  When you originally spoke about quitting sugar early this year in the Sunday paper I had, “had enough” of being overweight (113kg), on BP medication for nearly 30 years (I’m not yet 50!!), anti-depressants, thyroid drugs (from a tumour, so I think I have to stay on them), so I thought I’d give it a try. Over this last year, I have dropped 20kg through diet alone, I’ve now joined a gym and getting ‘ripped’ (?!?!), I’ve just weaned myself of the anti-depressants, I’m now dropping the BP meds due to dizzy spells and LOW BP, due to the meds; my skin has cleared up (been bad since highschool), people are saying I look 10 years younger and I feel like I want to do things and get on with life again.

James says: I quit sugar a few weeks back and after some withdrawal symptoms at about the 1 week mark I noticed a huge change in the way I felt. I used to be exhausted after eating and feel like I needed to lie down. Now, I feel energised after eating. I’ve even found that if I need to force my body to stay awake I can do it by eating something like unsweetened organic peanut butter. This is totally opposite to before! I also feel much clearer in my mind. I’m eating less, but still have the odd binge so don’t really seem to be loosing belly fat.

Trish: I was worried that (eating more fat) would affect my cholesterol levels, so I had a blood test, and after a year of not worrying about the fat content of foods, it was 3.3 (with the good cholesterol high and the bad cholesterol low)!The blood test also measured my risk of cardio-vascular disease, and I was on the low end of the scale for all the markers used. So apparently going sugar-free is more healthy than we have been led to believe (and I’m finding it so easy to maintain, as I have completely lost my taste for it, except for a couple of pieces of fruit per day).

Renae says: I suffer from IBS and since I started this 2 weeks ago, I have noticed I am nowhere near as bloated as I was before, and I am feeling great.

If you haven’t read my ebook yet, just click on this image below for more details…

Picture 114 We quit sugar... and this is what has happened

sweet enough says: Hi Sarah, I’ve been sugar free now for 4 weeks after buying your book and David Gillespie’s books, Sweet Poison. I didn’t really believe it would make much difference to me but I’ve definitely seen a change. I haven’t lost any weight, but I am not as hungry all the time, I don’t crave sugar or sweet things, I feel less bloated. I’m not drinking all the time (soft drink, juice etc) and focus less on ‘what’s to eat next?’ I think I have compensated for the lack of sweets with a bit more high-fat foods but now that I’m moving further down the track, I suspect this will slow down as well.

Maria Hannaford says: I quit sugar almost two months ago. Cold turkey. Challenging for a week or so but then I felt so much better that it was easy peasy. Seriously Sarah, IT HAS COMPLETELY CHANGED ME. I used to feel hypo every single day if i didn’t eat every couple of hours. Cranky, dizzy, blurry. I hated it. I don’t get those feelings AT ALL anymore. AT ALL. I’ve completely broken my addiction to the sweet stuff. Before, a block of chocolate in the house wouldn’t last three days. After, we’ve had a block sitting in the pantry for two months. I don’t even FEEL like eating any. Give me a piece of cake and I’ll happily decline. Seriously changed my life.

Lara says: After 28 days, I am feeling a lot more in control of what I eat. Things I previously used to snack on now seem inedible to me – lollies, biscuits etc. I’m so much more aware of hidden sugar, which I think is going to make a big difference going forward. My cravings have changed. Instead of wanting a sweet snack at 3pm, I find myself seeking out nuts, and proteins. Dessert menus at restaurants are ignored with ease as I prefer to finish meals on a savoury note. Will I stay off all sugar for life? I don’t think so. Pieces of fruit and the occassional piece of birthday cake will surely sneak its way back, but to have a better awareness and understanding of its dangers has already made a huge difference to my diet.

Mel says: i can’t believe that in 2 weeks my sugar “switch” has been completely turned off. if i wasn’t constantly eating something sweet i would definantely get that pang of wanting if i saw anything sweet. i never get it now. when i see cakes, biscuits etc i just feel no connection and i have noticed a huge weightloss but i have also cut out grains and just eating when hungry. I am so much happier, still feeling a little lethargic. The ‘carb flu’ I’ve heard. great to hear how everyone else is going. i was the biggest sugar addict, so if i can everybody can.

Bonnie: Thanks so much for your advice on quitting sugar. I got your book, and although I haven’t quit sugar completly, I have cut down on it considerably and I feel so much better. I don’t have the sugar highs and horrible lows (so painful in an office job at 3 in the afternoon!) and I’ve lost 5kgs. Which also makes me feel lighter and happier. So thanks heaps for inspiring me. I’m sure you get this kind of email a lot, but I really do appreciate it!

Melanie says: Hi Sarah, I just wanted to thank you so much for opening my eyes about sugar. I love the ebook, it is written like a friend giving me advice, I love how you have an eight week program that seems easy to follow. I am addicted to sugar, it got to the point wear I was eating so much cake, chocolate and lollies I was getting a bit jittery and I was eating it all the time, even sneaking packets of lollies in my desk at work and eating them throughout the day. To be honest I was really embarrassed at the amount of junk I seemed to be eating and not being able to stop! So I knew I needed to empower myself and it seems I found you! I have also read the Sweet Poison Quit book you recommended and it is all coming together. I am only four days in but I have noticed a change already, I feel lighter and no longer bloated and most importantly not sneaking around shoving sugar into my mouth any chance I got. I feel like I am making a positive change for myself and my 16mth daughter. I am still having a few equals in my coffee and if I am really craving sugar I am having a pear and I feel ok. Im also drinking heaps of water as I have had a few headaches. I had to write and say thank-you!

Sarah: Thank you Sarah! You have made me feel like a million dollars!! 🙂 I was diagnosed with Lactose Intolerance when I was 17. This year I began to do a lot of reading regarding Fructose Intolerance as both have a lot of the same symptoms. With your book in hand, I conquered my fears of giving it up and kicked sugar! I have not been sick for the last 5 weeks and I have actually eaten dairy for the first time in years. As i am living in Hong Kong I have struggled to get a lot of your suggestions of products, but I have managed to get most. Thank you so much and keep the recipes coming! Love Sarah

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