Yes, Sarah wore frog shoes out to lunch. With me.

For this post I’ve handed reins over to Jo… to choose some favourites from the year that was. Jo, go for your life!

It’s not an easy gig, picking (only) three of my favourite posts/thoughts/memories to share on the blog. I’m usually attached to each post, for all sorts of reasons on any given day. So I decided to go with posts I had been a little more intimately involved in the behind-the-scenes “The Making Of” earlier this year…
Here’s my (current!) favourite three.

Picture 118 Yes, Sarah wore frog shoes out to lunch. With me.

1. Breakfast sausages with Louise Hay.

Sarah was invited to interview Louise Hay earlier this year, and I was lucky enough to have been there on the day – enjoying cups of peppermint tea and breakfast sausages, listening to Louise, amazed by her vitality (at age 85!) and her wisdom. She was wonderfully generous to both Sarah and I, and meeting her was a highlight for me. This is one of my favourite ‘Louise tips’, from Sarah’s interview with Louise:

“Answer the phone and open the mail. She says this a bit. And what she means is, don’t look for outcomes or success. Simply go about your day, doing your job and watch what happens next. Don’t fret. She also says the right things come slowly. Indeed!”

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2.Getting real, with Brene Brown.

Sarah interviewed Brene after a lecture she gave in North Sydney earlier this year. Again, I was lucky enough to have been invited to the lecture (Brene made us all dance!) and I got to sit in on the interview as well. The three of us sat in a little semi circle, and talked about the nitty gritty of getting real and authentic with LIFE. I adore Brene, and what she stands for, and what she tries to share with the world, and I loved this post.

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