my best-ever recipes #1

Perhaps you’ve finished off at work? Perhaps you’ve done the shlepp back “home” to the parents and are a little bored? (Raining much in your neck?) Perhaps you’re dreading the mince pie/pudding/platters of lollies and Jatz onslaught and want to contribute a few edibles of your own…These might provided some inspiration. Jo and I have compiled a few All-Timers:


Picture 26 my best-ever recipes #1
image via Scandi Foodie

pumpkin chia muffins

Oh, it’s just snacks, snacks and more snacks…whip up a batch of these for those “anyone want another Iced Vo Vo” moments. The full recipe is here.

Picture 16 my best-ever recipes #1
photo by Johnny Abegg

chocolate (sugar free) nutballs

Sugar free, indulgent, totally healthy, simple-to-make-so-mum-won’t-get-anxious-you’re-taking-over-the-kitchen. Get thee to a health food shop and play! You can find the full recipe here.

Picture 25 my best-ever recipes #1

zuccini cheesecake

Own Christmas morning brunch with this ripper. Find the full recipe here.

You might also like these gluten-free Christmas ideas here and here.

While you’re there…what’s your Christmas food? My house, it’s muscatels and lychees. An annual treat…although I think Mum still rations them out.


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