I Quit Sugar Program: let’s start

Welcome! Welcome! And Happy 2012 to you. I reckon it’s going to be a ripper. And a great time to shed the stuff that holds us back. Like sugar. (The astrologists agree, apparently).

will murai 1 I Quit Sugar Program: let's start
Image by Will Murai

For the next eight weeks I’m going to “hold your hand” through the process of quitting sugar. It is a bit of a process and it took me months of research and guinea pig antics to find the safest, most effective, gentlest, most permanent and enjoyable (yes!!) method.

I overeat. I’m food obsessed. I was a starch addict. I have an auto-immune disease which means I have problems with hypoglycemia.

Ergo, I get your fear and resistance and I know all the little tuggings going on right now in your being.

But know this: this process works. And it’s worth doing. Even if just for eight weeks. To see what happens.

This is our mantra: to see what happens. We’re experimenting.

This is how it’s going to work:

* You read the book. I suggest reading the whole lot. Then refreshing week-to-week as you go through the process. No drama if you’re just getting around to reading it. You can follow the 8-week program in your own way.

* Every Monday I’ll do a post that updates you with some extra tips, provides comfort and answers to a bunch of your questions. Because you will have some!

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