how to heal autoimmune disease: an update

OK, it’s been a while since I’ve done an auto-immune post (for those new here, you can find the backlog of AI posts here). But I’m going to start up a bit of a series again. For reasons I feel it’s worth explaining.

Picture 91 how to heal autoimmune disease: an update
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NOTE: For anyone who DOESN’T have an AI…

1. be damn glad

2. you’ll still very much find these posts helpful.

Any tips that help an AI disease are tips that go to the absolute heart of good health and top living.

What I share is only good, fundamental, well, ways to live the good, good life.

3. feel free to forward this link to a friend who does have an AI. I think they’ll like you more for it.

So, my update. My hashimotos has gone a little haywire over the past few months. As a result I’ve had to pull back on a few commitments (you might have noticed…my book, my column) and I’ve been digging deeper into some of the craziness going on, trying out some new techniques, like going paleo and talking to folk like Chris Kresser and Nora Gedgaudas. I’m starting to get some traction in my understanding if not my health.

I know some of you have asked: how BAD do you actually get. You’re not being rude. My friends and family have to ask the same because when I’m BAD, I go M.I.A. So they don’t really see thyroidy me. It’s hard for them to get it. I kind of exit stage left when I’m BAD, not so much due to shame (tho’ that does have a bit to do with it), but because when I’m “thyroidy” I simply can’t face the world. Dark, cool rooms. Not moving. That’s pretty much the spectrum.

On days like this I revert to this intentional resting technique.

When I made the decision to pull back and recalibrate a few months ago I was unable to function 4-5 days a week. It had been about one day a fortnight previously – which I could deal with. But the uggggh days crept up on me. I almost didn’t notice. Until I did.

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