the I quit sugar program: play with some sweetness (week #6)

Six weeks in, some of you might have sugar out of your system. Some of you won’t, though. The cravings might still be there. What are you feeling? Are you feeling like you’d like to continue. To keep sugar out longer? Not in a draconian-I-must-be-vigilant way, but in a let’s just see how it goes for a bit longer way. Read on…

sprouted kitchen the I quit sugar program: play with some sweetness (week #6)
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Some housekeeping:

  • My second IQS webinar will be on Monday 13th Feb – next Monday at 6pm. You can sign up here. Click ‘join crowd’ to be signed up for my webinars, and hit ‘attend’ on next Monday’s event to receive a reminder email. Got it?
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Some extra soundbites for you

Many of you liked the elevator pitch statements from last week’s newsletter. Here are a few little soundbites to fire off when those around you want to know more about your IQS excursioning, but don’t want to get freaked out. As I say over and over in the ebook: it’s worth being careful that you don’t get too draconian or bozzy or holier-than-thou with this no-sugar business. It’s a crook look. And it puts people off. Go gentle. Suggest some starting points. I’ve found this top 4 list of things to look out for gets interest going:

* Fruit juice.

There’s 8-12 teaspoons in a small bottle/glass. And, yes, freshly squeezed is the same as packaged. Fructose is fructose. Besides, it’s expensive. And a waste of packaging.

* Low fat dairy.

When fat’s taken out of, for example, yoghurt, it’s replaced with sugar to achieve the same fullness of flavour as full-fat. A small individual serve of low fat PLAIN yoghurt can contain 6 teaspoons of sugar.

* Sauces.

Some pasta sauces have more sugar than chocolate topping. Barbecue sauce…oh, you all know the drill.

* Muesli.

Unless it’s a sugar-free (fruit free) version. A lot of muesli contain more sugar than Coco Pops.

A thought on adding sugar back in:

This week in the program you add some sweetness in. I get asked this a lot: will it upset the apple cart just to experience sweetness – even if it’s fructose free? Will it tip dominoes

Yes and no. As always, you need to feel what your body can cope with. Hopefully after six weeks your body can answer this for you. That’s the whole point.

Yes, it will upset things if you head off to back dextrose cakes every day and particularly if your attachment to sugar tends to be emotionally based.

And remember this from the book:

Screen Shot 2012 02 06 at 9.33.02 AM the I quit sugar program: play with some sweetness (week #6)No, however, everything’s cool if you’re playing with a few new flavours and allowing some treats into your life so you don’t feel you’re missing out. This is not a mean diet. It’s an experiment.

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