The I Quit Sugar program: week 7

Today I’m keeping it simple and just giving a bit of an update on things…and answering a few questions ahead of tonight’s webinar (where we can chat in more depth about all things sugar).

advicetosinkinslowly18 The I Quit Sugar program: week 7
Illo by Owen Davey via advice to sink in slowly

So some news and housekeeping

  • The IQS webinar is on tonight, at 6pm. Sign up here. Some of you have requested a later timeslot…duly noted. My next webinar will be at 8pm (date TBC). But remember, you can also access the webinars afterwards, on my Ustream channel. I will also post a link on the IQS facebook page.
  • A quick little giveaway… register for the webinar, and then post a question on the IQS facebook page. (You’ll need to “like” it first). We’ll pick three great questions, and the winners will each receive

a pack of three tins of Aphroditea – Clarity, Vitality and Tranquility worth $66.

You can post a question any time before 6pm.

  • Big news. I’m the keynote speaker at The Conscious Club gathering in Sydney February 22. I talk about Stuff I Learned From Chats with The Dalai Lama, Sir Richard Branson et al, we meditate, chat and then eat food by Madam Char Char. Basically, it’s about doing something a bit different…and consciously so. I’ve written about it here…please do join us! PS. A great outing idea for anyone doing Febfast this year.

When: Wednesday 22nd February
Time: 6pm sharp
Venue: Bondi Pavillion Theatre Room (upstairs)
Cost: $40 before. $45 at the door.

  • Speaking of which (Febfast…). Giving is good. I’ll make it easy for you: click here and you can simply donate a small amount to the charity (team password is sarahw).

your questions answered

This week naturopath Angela Hywood, nutritionist Lola Berry, and my good self have answered some of your questions.

Eskimojo says: I quit sugar about ten months ago but occasionally now will have 1 – 2 sugar treats a day. But I find after a few days I develop really bad gas. Like, have to leave the room bad. It stops once I cut sugar out again, so it’s obviously related?

Sarah: Yep. Understand. And, yep, sugar…and the stuff you eat with sugar (this is important)… is probably causing it.

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