10 clever food ideas

This is just a fun post…but with some helpful shares. I love this kind of thing.

1. Store things upright

I love these ideas developed by artist Jihyun Ryou, using sensible “Grandma says it’s so” food storage concepts that save things longer, better.

root 10 clever food ideas

Veggies grow in the ground standing up, so goes Jihyun’s explanation, based on traditional oral knowledge. Thus, they’d be happier waiting to be eaten while standing up, too, yeah? The sand also helps keep the right level of humidity to keep them fresh.

2. “Plant” your shallots

I personally do something similar to the above. When I buy a bunch of shallots (green onions), I store them in soil outside – in a pot among my herbs or flowers. They keep this way for months and I simply pull out a stem at a time. My Mum taught me this one.

3. Use your apples…

This one makes sense, too. Apples muck with other fruits and veggies (“one bad apple…”) so it’s good to keep them separately. The ethylene gases make carrots bitter, for example.

apple potato 10 clever food ideas

BUT, with potatoes – apples keep them from sprouting. So, store together, no?

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