how to heal autoimmune disease: remember you’re no Robinson Crusoe

Hands down the biggest comfort to anyone with AI is to know the crazy-weird stuff they’re experiencing… isn’t so crazy-weird. Or at least, other people on the planet are going through the same crazy-weirdness.

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image via ‘Sweet pics dude’

The whys and how comes of AI remain, largely and bloody frustratingly, a mystery. But ask anyone with the condition and they will no doubt have a gut or emotional sense of what it’s all about. I have AI because I have lessons I need to learn. I have to slow down and enjoy life more. I yearn this and so my AI is here to ensure I get it. One day.

Someone sent me the below “letter from my disease”. As always, if you don’t have an AI or chronic illness, bear in mind that an AI is merely an extreme version of the dis-ease I think so many of us are feeling. When you have an AI, the reminders of the dis-ease are just louder.

If you’re new to this blog, you might like to catch up on some auto immune and hashimotos reading here.

The letter was originally posted on a UK thyroid support group forum and has circulated a little.  It struck me as uncanny how many AI phenomena it raises that I thought were just Me Things. Like:

* it rears its grim head on days when you’re looking forward to something

* it stems from a trauma. Yep, tick. Mine was a series of traumas that conflated.

* the Hashimoto’s roundabout ALWAYS involves seeing 23847239 doctors before you get something resembling traction.

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