a competition for all you bloggers out there

Dear Fellow Bloggers Who Read This Blog,

I did a call out a while ago for anyone who’d bought the I Quit Sugar Cookbook to make some recipes from the book and then share them with the #I Quit Sugar community on twitter and facebook, and Instagram. Bloody well done to those of you who gave it a crack. I’ve had some….cracker entries sent my way. I’m very grateful and so I’ve decided to turn the idea into a little competition! With prizes!

Screen Shot 2012 05 31 at 3.36.51 PM a competition for all you bloggers out there
an Instagram share – from Lizzieloves

If you’d like to be involved, here’s how:

  • Buy my I Quit Sugar Cookbook (if you don’t already have it) and make one – or more! – of the recipes. Take a snap or two, and share the results with your readers on your blog.

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