Hello! I’m back.

I’ve been offline (off blog, off emails, off Facebook and Twitter and just posting via Instagram) for four glorious weeks and I feel FRESH.

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I asked Jo to choose a nice photo for this post…she opted for this. Here, I’m off horse trekking in the Alpujarras in my Qantas-issue pyjamas


I have energy, I have new ideas, I’m fired up about life.  I tell you, just getting off a computer adds years to your life. And not knowing what’s happening in your microcosm via constant iPhone pinging is like an injection of Vitamin B in the bum.

While I’ve been away Jo has been posting some pre-written bits and pieces and generally running The Show. She’s better than me at The Show much of the time. Anyway, that’s why there’s not been a yawning vacuum for a month.

Since early June I’ve been in Europe wandering. I’ve got a better idea of why and for how long and where next….but more later. For now just a little video I made tonight in my hotel room.


And apologies it’s split in two…tech issues. But you’ll get the gist.


PS You might have noticed the hotel room? I’ll write more about it in another post, but it’s The New Hotel, open less than a year (the place is everything a hotel should be…wait ’till you hear the story behind it…). I’d asked one of the staff – Natasa – for some rustic, authentic food recommendations. I’d wanted to go to the market that day. That was My Plan. And as “opportunity” would have it, she insisted on taking me to lunch at a place that she felt was one of the best in Athens. My Plan had to unravel. Opportunity had presented. Lo. Behold. Her boss joined us. And such was the funness of our lunch, he had me upgraded to the penthouse.

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This is Natasa from The New Hotel and she shares my enthusiasm for sardines!

PS It’s nice to be back. Yay to life!


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