Hello! I’m back.

I’ve been offline (off blog, off emails, off Facebook and Twitter and just posting via Instagram) for four glorious weeks and I feel FRESH.

b1621584c30611e1bef722000a1e8bb5 7 Hello! I’m back.
I asked Jo to choose a nice photo for this post…she opted for this. Here, I’m off horse trekking in the Alpujarras in my Qantas-issue pyjamas


I have energy, I have new ideas, I’m fired up about life.  I tell you, just getting off a computer adds years to your life. And not knowing what’s happening in your microcosm via constant iPhone pinging is like an injection of Vitamin B in the bum.

While I’ve been away Jo has been posting some pre-written bits and pieces and generally running The Show. She’s better than me at The Show much of the time. Anyway, that’s why there’s not been a yawning vacuum for a month.

Since early June I’ve been in Europe wandering. I’ve got a better idea of why and for how long and where next….but more later. For now just a little video I made tonight in my hotel room.

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