how to eat to fall pregnant: a Chris Kresser ebook

I know many of you have asked, what’s the best way to eat when trying to get pregnant.

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I’ve since found an amazing resource…which follows the same principles I adhere to. I did a podcast with Dr Chris Kresser, a practitioner of integrative medicine and creator of The Healthy Skeptic blog, last year, and discovered that Chris has compiled a resource pack for preparing for pregnancy.

The Healthy Baby Code is a ripper. Chris has done aaaallllll the work of researching the latest science, to develop the ultimate nutritional approach for fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Here’s a few reasons to buy it:

1. it’s totally digestible

It includes 6 videos (20-25 minutes each).  You can also read these modules in PDF transcripts or listen to them as MP3 recordings – while you’re driving, or working or…

2. you get no-brainer meal plans

There are two weeks of meal plans and recipes to make sure you’re eating good stuff right from the start. Without having to think about it.

3. find out which foods contribute to infertility

You’ll learn why fructose can be harmful to you during pregnancy (!!!) – for more on this, check out my I Quit Sugar ebooks –  and how to replace foods that contribute to infertility and poor health with whole, nutrient-dense alternatives.

4. learn which foods to eat to keep your kid strong for life

Chris teaches about 6 super foods that he swears by for boosting fertility and encouraging a safe delivery of a healthy baby…and ensuring your baby’s lifelong health.

5. how long should you breastfeed?

Chris also covers breastfeeding, and your baby’s first foods. Things like: how long to breastfeed to promote lifelong health and resistance to disease, guidelines for introducing foods, which foods to introduce when, and how to minimize the risk of allergies, food reactions and autoimmunity. Yeehah!

6. grab a cheat sheet to make life easy

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For when you’re in a hurry! There’s a ‘how to eat’ cheat sheet, a ‘how to snack’ cheat sheet. A ‘fats and oils’ cheat sheet. A ‘gluten free made easy’ cheat sheet. You get the gist.

7. extra resources!

Everybody loves a resource guide. Chris has included a list of recommended books, websites and products about various topics related to pregnancy and parenting, from nutrition to childhood development to vaccinations.

8. listen to Chris answering some FAQs

There’s a 90-minute audio recording of Chris answering the most frequently asked questions from his live seminars. It’s a great comprehensive recording with lots of answers!

9. a bonus: you’ll also get the ‘9 steps to perfect health’ ebook

The nuts and bolts:

The package costs $197. Sounds like a lot, but it does include  a lot of stuff. 

If you want to purchase, you can get hold of it here

Let me know what you think…

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