five things to do with apple cider vinegar

I traveled recently. You might have noticed. I traveled with some truly odd things. One of the oddest was a bottle of apple cider vinegar.

242292 five things to do with apple cider vinegar
photo by Ditte Isager

To qualify for a spot in my pack, an item had to have a dual purpose. As a minimum requirement. Well, ACV certainly passed the test.

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People often ask me, however, what the big deal is with ACV and what one is meant to do with it. Well, I’m here to say I can name five things…

1. Drink it with warm water in the morning and before meals

I take a tablespoon in slightly cooled, boiled water as soon as I wake up, and again before dinner.

Why? Personally, it gets my appetite going (in the morning) and it gets my juices fired up ready for food (before dinner). Having an autoimmune disease, I lack the crucial HCL required for proper digestion. ACV kicks in and does the job of the missing acid. That said, everyone can benefit from the practice – it alkalises, and as I’ve said before, disease is unable to exist in an alkaline system.

The more you alkalise, the better you are.

Here’s some stuff to know:

* ACV works by correcting acid issues. It acts as a buffer in the body – the acetic acid reacts with base or acid compounds to form an acetate, therefore rendering them chemically bioavailable for the body’s utilization.

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