which fats should i be eating?

Heaps of you have asked me to do a post that spells out what fats to eat, and when and how. So here we go.

HOTCHOC 059 which fats should i be eating?
coconut butter: a recipe from my I Quit Sugar Cookbook

First, let’s acknowledge the information out there is conflicted. More and more the scientists and chefs and wellness nuts are agreeing: the fats we’ve been told to eat for the past 50 years – the poly-unsaturated, so-called “vegetable” ones – are, in fact, the worst stuff we can put in our bodies. And the fats we’ve been told to never touch – the saturated ones – are actually the healthiest, safest and, in fact, are the least “fattening” (if you’re not eating a sugar and carb-heavy diet while also eating fat).

Learn more by reading my post on how the science now shows saturated fat is good for us.

I’ve been following the debates for a bit, weighing up what’s right. Here are some of the issues explained and a rundown on how I eat my fat:

some science to get started

Whether a fat is safe to eat is based on two things:

  1. its smoke point (higher the better)

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