don’t work nervously

I am a little obsessed by the work habits of writers. And I love Henry Miller. And I’m very grateful for these little work mantras Miller wrote for himself.

henrymillercommandments don't work nervouslyMostly because it’s a reminder that everyone struggles to find the right mood, pace and approach to work, and the right way to balance work with our values and sense of well-being.

I work nervously, often. The nervousness stems from a fear I’m going too slow and that I have too much to do. But let’s break this down.

Too slow? For who? If it’s important stuff, then it’s worth doing mindfully. I have recently trained myself to stand back daily from my nervousness and remind myself that I do what I do because I chose it and it’s meaningful. So enjoy it, Sarah! Enjoy the slowness! Choose to enjoy it!!

Having too much to do? Again, it’s a choice of approach. I remind myself – again, daily – to choose to see that I have enough time. Sheer years on this planet tells me that everything gets done and that whether I have two hours or ten hours to do it, it will get done.

My work mantra just now is this: I refuse to get worked up. I repeat it daily. I simply refuse. It’s a choice in approach.

Do you have a work mantra?

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