I Quit Sugar is on A Current Affair tonight

Just a little note to share that A Current Affair recently interviewed a few women who lost weight from doing my I Quit Sugar 8-week Program. It screens tonight (Channel 9. 6.30pm) and features me rabbiting on about cave men genes and mince pies and…the rest. I’m a bit nervous as to just how much I rabbit on… But what’s done is done.

Screen Shot 2012 11 13 at 6.05.19 PM I Quit Sugar is on A Current Affair tonight

Anyway, I thought I’d share some of the testimonies from the women I contacted to take part in the segment who had lost weight from my program (although I should stress that weight loss ain’t the main aim of quitting sugar…it’s to get well).

Rebecca contacted me to say, “I quit sugar in October 2011 and have lost 48kg, dropping from a size 24 to a size 14.”

Maria also shared her story: “In April of this year I weighed a staggering 120kgs, and to date have lost half my body weight. I gave up sugar and all processed foods.”

Vanessa said, “I’m 32 years old. I quit sugar in May this year and so far have lost 29kg and counting! I feel like a different person. These are the health issues that have improved: depression, hypothyroidism, severe gut and bowel issues, muscle and bone pains….the list goes on….”

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gb1 I Quit Sugar is on A Current Affair tonight

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Heidi says, “Both my parents (over 60+) both quit sugar and have never felt better. They work a very manual intense company and I reckon most young people would struggle keeping up. Dad was even able to go from pre-diabetes to nothing and all he does is eat fat, protein and no sugar.”

Alex  said, “I’ve cut out sugar and I’ve lost 43kg.”

Ivy shares: “I quit sugar 17 months ago. I have lost 23 kilos. Quitting sugar was hugely important for my health as I was already insulin-resistant and had Type 2 Diabetes lined up – luckily I managed to change.”

People really do struggle to comprehend that simply cutting out sugar for a few weeks can lead to simple, natural weight loss. I’m not a fan of diets and I know restrictive eating doesn’t work. But quitting sugar just ain’t a diet…it’s just a way to eat as our grandparents used to.

Basically, it cuts out processed, crappy food. 

I often get asked this when these kind of shows run stories about quitting sugar. So I’m going to pre-empt:

Why does sugar make us fat?

* It turns into fat as soon as it enters our body. Fructose (the “bad” part of sugar) isn’t metabolised in our cells like other molecules. Our bodies didn’t evolve to deal with fructose (it didn’t really exist in cave man days apart from a few tart berries and a little honey), so our systems just can’t deal with it. Thus, fructose transfers directly to our livers. Our livers get confused (because they can’t metabolise fructose), freak out immediately store it as fat – in and around our liver (fatty liver) or as triglycerides (hello, cholesterol issues).

* It disrupts our hunger cycle:  fructose mucks with our hormonal systems – totally disrupts the processes that tell us we’re hungry, or need energy.

* It causes us to binge: We don’t have a corresponding enzyme in our brains that tells us when we’ve eaten fructose. We have one for fat. And one for glucose. They scream “I’m full” when we’ve eaten enough cheese. But we just don’t have one for fructose. What’s this mean? Fructose enters our system “undetected” and we can eat it and eat it and not get full. Which is why you can drink 750ml of juice, but not yoghurt. And it’s why we can eat a whole block of chocolate without thinking.

* Plus, it’s addictive: And more addictive, say some studies, than cocaine and heroine. This was handy when we were cave men…it meant we were programmed to binge on it and seek it out obsessively because it was a source of instant fat…which was a good thing back then…but not now!

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