I Quit Sugar is on A Current Affair tonight

Just a little note to share that A Current Affair recently interviewed a few women who lost weight from doing my I Quit Sugar 8-week Program. It screens tonight (Channel 9. 6.30pm) and features me rabbiting on about cave men genes and mince pies and…the rest. I’m a bit nervous as to just how much I rabbit on… But what’s done is done.

Screen Shot 2012 11 13 at 6.05.19 PM I Quit Sugar is on A Current Affair tonight

Anyway, I thought I’d share some of the testimonies from the women I contacted to take part in the segment who had lost weight from my program (although I should stress that weight loss ain’t the main aim of quitting sugar…it’s to get well).

Rebecca contacted me to say, “I quit sugar in October 2011 and have lost 48kg, dropping from a size 24 to a size 14.”

Maria also shared her story: “In April of this year I weighed a staggering 120kgs, and to date have lost half my body weight. I gave up sugar and all processed foods.”

Vanessa said, “I’m 32 years old. I quit sugar in May this year and so far have lost 29kg and counting! I feel like a different person. These are the health issues that have improved: depression, hypothyroidism, severe gut and bowel issues, muscle and bone pains….the list goes on….”

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gb1 I Quit Sugar is on A Current Affair tonight

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Heidi says, “Both my parents (over 60+) both quit sugar and have never felt better. They work a very manual intense company and I reckon most young people would struggle keeping up. Dad was even able to go from pre-diabetes to nothing and all he does is eat fat, protein and no sugar.”

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make your own ginger-ade soda

Do you fit one or several of these scenarios? Gone sugar free, but crave a “sweet” soft drink/soda, especially on hot days? Want a healthy drink to give the kids? Got gut issues and need to up the probiotics in your diet? Need more electrolytes? I think I have the answer: homemade ginger-ade.

photo copy 31 make your own ginger-ade soda
Ginger-ade experiments: I used mason jars to do the first fermentation, then did the rest in bottles

I kind of got obsessed about this stuff, researching the different ways to make it, and, over the course of a week, I tried out four variations, and made two starter cultures. And did a lot of obsessed checking and shaking and fiddling in the kitchen (you’ll have to scroll to the end of the post to see my verdict – which was the best combo).

To back peddle: ginger-ade is a fermented food. I’ve written about the benefits of fermenting, and shared recipes, here and here. Fermentation – in the case of sodas – is a process that sees sugar broken down, via bacteria, to create lactic acid and carbonation. Lactic acid is a probiotic which helps digestion, supports the immune system and hydrates.

Sugar?? Did I just say sugar??!! Yes.

Sugar is almost always used for making fermented sodas, but the fructose is “eaten” up in the process.

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