14 invaluable insomnia solutions

Hey, I’m not alone. I’m not the only sad soul trapped in the insomniac vortex going by the comments on my recent I’m an insomniac get me out of here post. Respect to you all who shared and reached out. And a big, virtual hug if you’re going through tough times just now. I know your relentless, inescapable pain. I do.

image via tumblr

So many of you shared such great tips following my post. Thank you! So generous. Let’s spread them about, shall we?

1. Avoid caffeine after 2pm. Caffeine stimulates the production of stress hormones, and inhibits the absorption of the hormone adenosine, needed to give us a sense of calmness, which can contribute to sleep problems.

2. Try an evening breath meditation – Patty. 

30 minutes of left nostril breathing really activate the parasympathetic nervous system (the rest and digest part of us).

3. Eat green leafy veggies. To increase magnesium levels, which calms and supports the nervous system.

4. Exercise during the day – Lucy.

5. Ultra Muscleze Night. Someone at Bioceuticals read my post and sent me a pack of this. Which was very thoughtful. The stuff has been working really nicely. I take a scoop at night before bed and it chills me the fork out.

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