Sneak peek: one-pan salmon ‘n’ super slaw from the I Quit Sugar meal plan

Part of the reason I launched is so that this blog can return to being an exploration of broader life-bettering stuff. Not everyone here wants to quit sugar. I get that. More to follow on this soon. In the meantime, I know many of you are asking me about the new site and 8-Week Program… mostly wondering if it’s going to feature meal plans. Before I completely sign off on sugary stuff here, let me answer: Yep!

One pot salmon, recipe below. Photography by Martyna Candrick.
In the Meal Plan: One-pan Salmon ‘n’ Super Slaw, recipe below. Photography by Martyna Candrick.

I have spent several months building the meal plans for the program, and I wanted to highlight a few things for you about how we’ve set them up.

* We provide 8 weeks of complete meal plans: three meals per day, plus snacks.

* The meal plans are dietician approved. I worked with a nutritionist to ensure they are balanced and work within dietary guidelines for vitamin, mineral and calorie intake.

* I’ve built the meal plans based around my own philosophy of food. Real, whole eating. Every meal is designed to be as nutritionally dense as possible. Each day includes 6-7 serves of vegetables. And we feature cooking techniques that preserve nutrients and enzymes.

* The plans are designed to be as economical as possible. We use economical (cheap!) ingredients and the plans are designed to minimise food wastage and features creative ways with leftovers. We use sustainable and economical cuts of meat, and we’ll provide information for you along the way on how to buy your meat and fish this way.

* The plans are for busy people. Most meals are one-pan meals, so you’re not spending all night washing and drying dishes.

* The plans are designed for solos and families or groups of four.

Hope that answers a few questions.  If you’re keen to join up, click below…


…also, the first 500 people who sign up, will receive a sachet of  Vital Protein Green CoffeePowder 

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