What’s your food ritual? (PS it’s making you love food more)

This study by the University of Minnesota and Harvard University reveals that when we ritualise food Рeven in the most bizarre ways Рit enhances the food experience.

Image via lovelightsupyourlife.tumblr.com
Image via lovelightsupyourlife.tumblr.com

I rather agree with this, as someone who has both a ritual for almost every food she eats and who loves food more than words can express. And so it has always been.

I pull apart all food into separate components. Then I eat the separate components, on their own. Then I eat them in different combinations. I think this is how I come up with recipes – from trying new flavour combinations.

When I was a kid, Mum would give us peanuts and sultanas in a plastic camping mug. I would eat them as “hamburgers” – one sultana squished between two peanuts.

I had to eat the hair off the “Gollywog” biscuit. After that I wasn’t all that interested in the rest.

I ALWAYS save the best thing on the plate until last.

I eat lemon garnishes. I use a wedge of lemon to scoop up the last of the sauce on a plate.

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