Slow food and hiking guide to Sardinia #2

A few weeks back I posted a Slow Food and Hiking Guide to Sardinia part 1. Forthwith is the rest of it. Sing out if you need any other tips. I’m forthcoming, mostly.

Sardinia is an intriguing place. You’ll like it. But, as I always advise, it’s always best to make your adventure your own. And to not over plan. I’ve shared my thoughts on travel here before.

The big smoke of Bosa.
The big smoke of Bosa.

So, we left off at Gavoi in the mountains. I then drove over to the West Coast. I kinda liked it more over this side. It felt a bit more genuine, and the towns were both less touristy and more alive. The food scene was a bit more robust, too.


A fabulous little seaside town – population eight thousand – known for it’s agriculture and fishing. I stayed 10km out of town at Tresnarragus, at Villa Gli Asfodeli Hotel Tresnuraghes. Why? The place is a bike hotel… and, it turned out, a super friendly place to boot. It’s a big old building with sloping floors and grand windows, an amazing buffet breakfast and with a pool. It’s perched in the middle of the village square, but with an outlook over the fields and the ocean.

In Bosa, make sure you check out the Cantina Malvasia – a wine cave where you can taste the DOCG wine along with, wait for it, dark chocolate filled with pecorino cheese and bottarga (the famous mullet roe from the region). I also loved the Restaurant Borgo Sant’lgnazio just around the corner from the Cantina. Very authentic food and you sit out in the cobblestoned street to eat. I ate

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