Quit sugar in 8 weeks: what do you need to ask me?

I think many of you might have noticed…I don’t really bang on about sugar on this blog these days. I have a new site – IQuitSugar.com – where I do this now. But I interrupt proceedings today to give readers here the opportunity to ask me any niggling questions you might have about quitting sugar ahead of my next online 8-Week Program, which kicks off in a few days.

Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips, a meal from the 8-Week Program menu plan

You see, you can now quit sugar on your own via my book or as part of a community via this online program. Thousands have now done it this way. They say they like it. You might find it suits you, too.

Some crucials:

* The next program starts January 31.

* Registrations close January 28. Which is on Tuesday!!


Some common questions, answered:

Will I lose weight? Most people do, but check this out if you want to know more.

How does the online program differ from the book? You get a lot more bang for your bucks with the online program – recipes, menu plans for 8 weeks worth of eating, hand-held advice, leading nutritionists and doctors on hand to answer your questions as you go…and more. More here on this.

What will I eat? Only fun food. Our dietician Marieke says: “Both the meat and vegetarian meal plans are great and very well rounded. They meet the dietary requirements for all nutrients”. The pictures illustrating this post give a bit of a taste.

Breakfast Bruschetta Quit sugar in 8 weeks: what do you need to ask me?
Breakfast Bruschetta

Will quitting sugar heal my autoimmune disease? It can certainly help! I wrote on this recently here.

Do others think this online program works? Yeah, you can check out their feedback here.

Chicken Parcels with Satay Sauce

Why did I quit sugar? I was mad?! Actually, it was triggered by both my thyroid disease and the fact I was sick of feeling addicted to sugar and obsessed by food. I’ve shared the full story here… you might relate.

Who are the experts who answer your questions on the forums? They’re a wonderful crew of cardiologists, GPs, fitness experts, dieticians, naturopaths, nutritionists, psychologists (and more!), chosen to help with every issue that might arise as you progress through the Program.


You can learn more here….but you can also ask your personal, specific questions below and I’ll answer them today and over the long weekend…speaking of which…HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY. Go wear a thong!




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