Wow! Dr Lustig, Dr Noakes and Action on Sugar all in the one room!

This is a brazen community announcement, as I figured you might be interested in this little update. The third round of my I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program is about to start and it’s bigger and better than, um, the last round (not so keen on too much hyperbole, as you all know!).

Dr Robert Lustig and I share a wine after chatting why the red stuff is good for you
Dr Robert Lustig and I share a wine at a recent conference where we were both speaking (PS a glass of red wine is ALLOWED most nights of the Program).

I won’t take up too much marketing oxygen here; you can read more about it over at I Quit Sugar. I just wanted to highlight something that I think adds to the value and bigger picture of what I’m doing.

One of the biggest reasons I developed the 8-Week Program was to be able to provide emotional and informed support for people during their sugar quittage. I just couldn’t do it via books, or via random encounters in the street. By having an online Program, and taking on extra staff (eek!!) I could set up forums where questions can be answered in an intimate yet bulk manner. The Program has gradually attracted support and endorsement from some high-profile players in the anti-sugar debate, many of whom are wanting to support what I do and help many folk in their quest to quit. They’re doing so by joining our panel of experts who answer all the niggling, nagging and emergency questions that come up as we go.

I’ll introduce them below, along with a few things I’ve learnt from each of them.

Dr Robert Lustig

Pediatric endocrinologist Dr Robert Lustig is the author of Fat Chance and, most recently, The Fat Chance Cookbook. But it was Lustig’s lecture “Sugar: The Bitter Truth”, with over four million views on YouTube, that placed him at the forefront of the sugar debate.

Lustig and I were both keynote speakers at the recent FIZZ symposium in New Zealand.

* Rob often shares that obesity isn’t the problem. Metabolic disease is and obesity is just one “symptom” of metabolic disease. This has stuck with me… and has alarmed me (obesity is only the tip of the health disaster iceberg!).

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