My Paleo guide to Sydney

You ask, I oblige. A lot of you have been wondering where I eat well in Sydney. So, here, a guide to how to eat like a caveman in my hometown. Hand up in the air before I start: I’d just like to say ladies and gents that I don’t classify myself as “Paleo” as such, mostly because I really don’t like to restrict my eating to a label. I eat according to what makes sense, and how my body feels. I ebb and flow. Sometimes I just can’t face dairy. Sometimes I need carbs (although, I’m selective about which ones, always opting for nutritionally rich options). Sometimes nuts hurt my guts.

"And so you want me to drink this liquid kale substance?" Shooting with @jo1foster @marijaivkovic at @porchandparlour for @iquitsugar ... One of my favourite #iqs joints!
“And so you want me to drink this liquid kale substance?” Sitting at Porch and Parlour during a recent IQS photo shoot. (This is one of my favourite IQS joints!)

Yessssss… I quit sugar. But as I outline a lot, quitting sugar is mostly a really snappy way to cut out processed foods. And nooooo…I don’t eat gluten. But that’s due to my autoimmune disease.

But labels aside, I tend to find Paleo eating an easy way to navigate my way to nutritious options. I outline my thoughts on the inherent value of the Paleo diet in I Quit Sugar for Life. The approach is fundamentally low-starch, anti-processed and pro-organic. It turns to meat (pasture-fed; nose-to-tail cuts), saturated fats (no processed or seed oils) and vegetables, with a little fruit. Paleo is also anti-sugar and the philosophy overall (eating whole, living sustainably and dodging toxins and stressors) is on the same page as me and my messaging.

When I travel I find Paleo eating a particularly helpful approach to adhere to because Paleo-orientated outlets will tend to prioritize ethical meats and good quality veggies…both of which I crave when I’m on the road. Which is why I’ve written this Paleo Guide to Londonthis one for Calgary and Lake Louise and this guide on how to eat Paleo (ish) while travelling.

Anyway, shuffling on. Here’s a rundown of great places to eat in a Paleo fashion here in Sydney (grain-free, pasture-fed meat, organic vegetable etc). I got a few of my fellow cavemen and cavewomen to share their thoughts, too. Nom-nom-on!

Porch and Palour, Bondi. I rather love the Porch. They “get it” in a pretty relaxed kinda way. They cook with coconut oil, serve Suveran’s sprouted bread, offer a side of beef with breakfast and so on. I like their breakfast bowl (steamed greens, avocado, herbs and boiled egg …I ask for no quinoa) and the grain-free pea pancake (with a boiled egg

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