Why folk with autoimmune disease do the 8-Week Program

This much I know: I quit sugar because I had a raging autoimmune disease.

This much I’ve just learned: Tens of thousands of others with autoimmune disease are now doing the same thing. And getting results. In fact, according to our latest survey of I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program participants…

Steak and five veg
Steak and Five Veg: The 8WP meal plans feature 7-9 serves of anti-inflammatory veggies a day.

For folk with autoimmune disease, half experience “significant” changes to their condition from quitting sugar.

Some feel that they have reversed their PCOS (in fact, I get dozens of emails from sufferers who’ve been able to fall pregnant after doing the Program). Many say they have come off their AI medication. Others have simply – but soooo importantly – improved

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