Is I Quit Sugar the same as Paleo?

I Quit Sugar is often compared to our Paleo brethren, thanks to a few shared principles like eating whole, unprocessed foods and (obviously) cutting out sugar. But while we share some things, there are also a few core differences we’d like to explain further here.   1. What is Paleo anyway? The Paleo diet has … Read more

Can I quit sugar and eat fruit?

When you quit sugar, it’s pretty much expected that you’ll keep the Coca-Cola and Mars Bars to a minimum. But what about fruit? Don’t worry – despite our name, we definitely don’t want to cut out nutritious fresh fruit! At least, not for long. If you’re thinking of quitting sugar on our I Quit Sugar: … Read more

How to train your troll (seriously gold advice from Benjamin Franklin)

Apparently there’s such a thing as The Benjamin Franklin effect. It goes like this: Once upon a time, Our Mate Ben was faced with a troll who tried to tear him down. Ben thought quickly: tame him!

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

The troll was a posh literary type. So Franklin sent him a letter if he could borrow a specific scarce book from said hater’s library. Flattered, the hater sent it right away. Troll cornered! Franklin then returned it a week later with a thank you note. Nice finishing touch! Troll totally tamed!

From then on in, the troll was a fan, forever ready to do another favour for Franklin.

Various people have written about this phenomenon – why and how it works. American psychologist David McRaney writes

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