Fire up, then lighten up.

My wonderful assistant Jo sent this to me over the weekend. She sends me things like this when she thinks I need it. By the way, turns out Jo and I celebrate four years working together today. There you go.


This is not about “finding your passion and giving everything to it”. It’s about giving everything to everything. “Finding your passion” suggests you might only have one or two. But all of life needs to be plunged into.

I guess I expand on the above by adding that once you’ve gone all the way, you can then release and lighten up. There’s no need for rigidity or force, just meaningful intent. Dive in deep, then float.

As I like to say, where the mind goes, the energy flows.

Do it like you mean it. Eat like you mean it. Love like you mean it.

Start everything like you mean it because this says to the

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