Holy shit I just turned 40… part 2.

I wrote recently about turning 40. And how I enjoy getting older. It got some feedback and ideas going.

Image via Favim.com
Image via Favim.com

Here’s a few more garnered from a New York Times column recently by Pamela Druckerman, an author and a contributing opinion writer. It has the same tone – that reaching “middle age” is mostly about finally arriving. I’ll add some thoughts of my own, to get a conversation going below in the comments…

If you worry less about what people think of you, you can pick up an astonishing amount of information about them. You no longer leave conversations wondering what just happened. Other people’s minds and motives are finally revealed.

Me: True. The conversation in your head as another speaks to you is not of angry defensive angst, but of marvel and objective interest.

Eight hours of continuous, unmedicated sleep is one of life’s great pleasures. Actually, scratch “unmedicated.”

Me: Yep. Whatever gets you through the night has become my mantra. Sleeping tablets are far from ideal. Far. Far. But

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