I’m out of here for a while…to shake things up.

It’s a polite thing to do, to let friends know when you’re taking off for a bit and ceasing communication. So, as a head’s up, I won’t be posting as regularly for a bit as I’m taking off for five weeks.

image via pintrest
Image via Pinterest

I don’t feel I need to say why and where. In fact, that’s kind of the point of it. Although, look at me, I can’t help myself…I’m veering into a sharing of the “why”. Indulge me briefly…

I’m taking off to be unattached for a month…as always, to see how that goes for me. I’m not taking my computer, I won’t be Instagramming, I won’t be (over) sharing. I’m going to just be on my own with nothing but nothingness for company. Well, nothing but my self. It’s possible I won’t be taking music. Or books. Or a pen.

I leave tomorrow. I’ll decide then.

This all terrifies me a little. But, again, this is the point. I hit stagnant spots in my life and feel obliged to shake things up. Doing wild adventures previously cut it. But even that’s

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