The best hiking and eating trips in Europe

In tribute to the Northern Hemisphere summer happening right now: my slow food and hiking guides to Europe, all in one place. I’ve said before, if I get 100 people to leave their comfort zone and get out of the city to move and eat real food in regional areas…well, I will die in peace knowing my job is done.

Screen Shot 2013 09 09 at 3.36.42 PM e1378716231555 The best hiking and eating trips in Europe
Happy hiker in Sardinia, 2013.

1. My slow food and hiking guide to Sardinia #1. Sardinia is perfect for fans of the outdoors, especially anyone who likes a robust dose of uncertainty spiking their travel plans. It’s a wild, “rustic” island with a rugged history that very much determines both the feel of the place, the outlook of the people and various longevity factors such as diet and exercise.

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