Everything you need to know about healing your gut

A growing number of modern ills –in particular, autoimmune diseases – are now deemed to stem from the gut. And many of us have guts that are a little leaky and nervous and cranky. So healing the gut is probably at the top of your wellness to-do list, right? Today, all my gut-health posts in one place, for your ongoing reference (and healthy gut flora.)

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 Moody? Flat? It might be your leaky gut. A straightforward post involving factoids and a list. You’ve been warned. Basically I’m going to outline some interesting stuff that explain why problems with your gut are causing the mood and energy issues you might be having.

And here, a gut health post with a focus on why you need to boost your stomach acid, especially if you suffer from autoimmune disease.


Lacto-fermentation has been around for eons as a health trick – all cultures have a history of fermenting veggies, dairy, nuts, grains etc for medicinal and digestion purposes. I’ve been fermenting my veggies for a while now. And my guts love me for it.

Kombucha. Have you seen my complete kombucha-making kit? All my kombucha posts in one place!

Fermented beverages. How to make fermented beverages at home.

Image via Averie Cooks
Image via Averie Cooks

Fermented veggies. How-to’s, tips and tricks and my favourite fermented veggie recipes. LINK


Gelatin is basically cooked collagen and comes from the bones, hides and connective tissues of animals. It makes up almost one-third of all the protein in the human body and not having enough of it affects our joints, our skin and our guts. In short, it’s my latest gut health obsession.

It’s the simplest gut-healing breakfast you can eat. My coffee almond gummy squares recipe.

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My coffee almond squares

Try my favourite gelatin snack to date. My sweet and sour kiwi fruit gelatin goobs.


If there’s one thing anyone serious about their health should learn to do, it’s to make chicken or beef stock. Stock is beyond nutritious and great for anyone with digestion issues. As an aside, these days it’s also known as “bone broth”…but is essentially the same thing.

Chicken stock.  It’s a de-stressor, great for anyone with inflammation or thyroid or autoimmune issues, and it’s economical too. You can get about 3 litres and 6-8 portions of meat from one chicken. Here’s my recipe for chicken stock (and my mum’s chicken soup.)

Image by Food52
Image via Food52

Beef stock.  A lot of nutritionists steer their clients to simply drink bone broth. That’s it. The stuff is so full of good stuff…who needs supplements?


Gut health makes the world go around. This is where the wellness movement is at right now. And crucial to good gut health is sturdy, regular poo action. For many, especially those of us with an autoimmune disease, regular poo action is but a pipe dream (which sounds like an ablution entendre; so many things do!).

Dana Trentini from Hypothyroidmom.com does a great job of covering constipation, so I handed this particularly sticky subject over to her: Hypothyroid mum tackles constipation. And here’s a readers guide with 19 tips for fixing constipation.

The latest theme to emerge in my journey to finding a safe, natural, gentle solution to my own periodic struggles with stuckness is resistant starch. And with it comes a very simple, cheap fix I’m testing out for you. So, is resistant starch the cure for chronic constipation? and how to cook resistant starch for constipation.

And finally, 

For emergencies. A few of my best stomach fixes... For when things get stuck.

What are your go-to gut health must haves?

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