My number one wellness secret (not what you expect!)

I won’t keep you in suspense. I’m not a clickbait-y type. The answer I always give when asked for the most effective trick for being well is… to learn to cook.

I Quit Sugar - One-Pan Sesame Chicken
Participants on the most recent round of the 8WP learnt to make this One-Pan Sesame Chicken dish

When you cook you get empowered and mindful. By necessity, you cut out processed food and all the guff Big Food foists upon us. And, of course, you cut out the majority of the added sugar in your diet.

The best way to learn to cook? Here, I’ll get sales-y. It’s to do the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program.

“I was inspired by the recipes and enjoyed cooking new things and learning new recipes and techniques. I didn’t feel like I had time to cook everything on the plan.” – participant from the current round of the 8-Week Program.

“It is so much more than just a “diet” it sets you up with the tools to succeed without having to worry about weighing/measuring/ counting points or calories which just isn’t sustainable in the long term. As an accountant I have geekily also been watching the weekly grocery bill and believe that by switching to meal planning and shopping only according to the list I have been saving £20-30 a week! We have cut right down on food waste and the fridge is packed with healthy ingredients.” – Angela, participant from the current round of the 8-Week Program.

I Quit Sugar 8-Week-Program

“Overall I love 8WP completely and am repeating the 8 weeks now – not to detox again just because the whole family enjoyed the meals and my experimentation in the kitchen!!!” -participant from the current round of the 8-Week Program.

The new round of the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program is now open for registrations. It kicks off October 1.

From the very beginning, I designed the 8-Week Program to make cooking easy and cheap. Most meals use one pan. We work with entirely affordable ingredients, secondary cuts of meat and energy efficient practices throughout.

I Quit Sugar 8-Week-Program

I Quit Sugar - Bolognese on Zoodles
Bolognese on Zoodles

Here’s a few of the principles I weave through:

  • Sunday cook-ups: Remember when your Nan used to cook up a storm on Sundays? Well, we think she got it right. Cooking big batches of nutritious and healthy meals on a Sunday saves time and hassle during the week.
  • Freezing: The 8-Week Program is all about stocking up the freezer. Leftovers are frozen in single servings, ready to be pulled out whenever you need them. Freezing is also energy efficient and snaps in nutrient (I explain how and why on the Program).
  • The recipes are simple: Most weekday meals of the Program take less than 35 minutes.
  • No fancy kitchen tools: You won’t need a heap of new cooking utensils. All of the recipes are prepared with standard tools you most likely have already sitting in your kitchen cupboards.
  • No crazy ingredients: We won’t send you off screening the health food shelves for Baobab Powder and Chlorophyll. The 8-Week Program is all about making healthy, wholesome meals with seasonal produce.
I Quit Sugar - Kale and Sweet Potato Frittata
Kale and Sweet Potato Frittata

I Quit Sugar 8-Week-Program

You’re convinced and want to sign up for the 8-Week Program now?
Be quick and get your hands on the early bird offer: a free copy of the Clean ‘N’ Green Smoothies Ebook! 

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