Trend alert: Talking in full sentences (and nicer times ahead)

So shoot me down for being a bit hopeful, but I’m seeing a few “moments” that are adding up to a nicer picture than we’ve been dealt recently.

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These zeitgeist observations tend to land you in trouble. Or they used to. You flag a personal thought or you simply put out an idea for discussion and you get shouted and trolled down, often for some pinnicky, side factor, or a typo, or a joke that lacked perfect nuance. That’s been the way for a while….for too long.

This has saddened me. This pouncing-for-the-sake-of-pouncing has shut down deeper, more reflective thought. It’s made women too self conscious to voice their feminism. It’s left bloggers, journalists and authors second-guessing and toning down their writing to avoid attacks from commentators who refuse to do the deeper thinking around an issue, instead putting their energy into shredding complex ideas with facile, destructive, binary judgement. And then click-baiting it.

And it’s left our political leaders talking in three-word slogans. Slogans that talk to policies that are facile, destructive and binary.

Stop The Boats.

No Carbon Tax.

No Queue Jumpers.

Sometimes Shit Happens.

Here in Australia we’ve had a very significant leadership change that we’re yet to absorb fully. But I found it telling

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