When I see those “Gifts for the hard-to-please” guides this is what I do…

These articles are popping up in my feed with increasing ferocity right now. For the “hard to please”. For “the person who has everything”.  You, too?

Image via keepcalm-havecoffee.tumblr.com
Image via keepcalm-havecoffee.tumblr.com

Sometimes I look at their list of gift solutions. It’s all Shit No One Wants. Shit That Takes Up Room in Miscellaneous Kitchen Drawers and Precious Resources On The Planet. Like gold-plated business card clips. And, sorry to target Goop, but, seriously…a Nymphenburg trio of porcelain wine bottle stoppers?! For $1900?

I have an antidote. A better solution. A better guide. If someone is “hard to please” it generally means they don’t want/need stuff. So don’t buy it.

I put out this notice explicitly to those around me. I’ve told most of my loved ones, don’t buy me

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