A peacefulness follows any decision, even the wrong one

Decisions are hard. I struggle with them. So these words from writer and feminist Rita Mae Brown are sweet salve…

Image via gildedcoast.tumblr.com
Image via gildedcoast.tumblr.com

“A peacefulness follows any decision, even the wrong one.”

God. What a relief just to hear that.

I think the peacefulness that comes from JUST MAKING THE DAMN DECISION says to the world that you’re open to surrender. You care a little less. You trust everything will work out and, perhaps, that there is no “right” decision. Ever. Which then invites the world to move with us in this flow-y, loose, open, spacious, receptive way. Like attracts like. And all that jazz.

This brings peace, don’t you reckon? Just knowing you’re working with the flow of life is pacifying.

(And, besides, if you don’t quite believe that wrong decisions as such bring peace, perhaps focus on how making a wrong decision is infinitely more grounding than the torture of being on the fence.)

I reckon when you make a decision – any decision – it becomes the right decision. Just by virtue of the decision being done, made, gone. The supremely authentic comedian Louis C.K. is on the same page. I love his 70 per cent rule.

Watcha think? Does knowing that JUST MAKING THE DECISION – wrong or right – will bring peace, make you relax a bit?

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