You asked for cheeseburger dim sims…here they are!

You might recall (it was a while ago; I Quit Sugar: Simplicious was a two-year project) I asked you all what you’d like to see featured in the new book I was writing. I took your very long list to heart and tried to incorporate as many of your requests as possible. I shared one of the reader requests a few weeks back, my Simplicious homemade bacon.

Today, three more recipes from your wish list that found their way into the book: Cheeseburger Dim Sims, a take on the Aussie Golden Gaytime, and a Bacon ‘n’ Egg Porridge (yes, savoury porridge!).

Cheeseburger Dim Sims, photo by Rob Palmer
Cheeseburger Dim Sims, photo by Rob Palmer

Cheeseburger Dim Sims

So much potential wrongness, right? But, I tell you, this is close to my favourite recipe in the book.

Golden Happy Times
Golden Happy Times, photo by Rob Palmer

Golden Happy Times

The commercial “gay” version of this ice cream is a national treasure. For fear of being run out of the country by jingoists, I refer to them in Simplicious by a totally-different-but-equally-cheerful-name. And I’ve made them healthy enough to feed to kids.

Bacon'N'Egg Porridge
Bacon ‘N’ Egg Porridge, photo by Rob Palmer

Bacon ‘N’ Egg Porridge

Perfect if you’re looking for a toast-free bacon and eggs breakfast. And don’t be fooled by the fact it’s a savoury porridge. It works so, so well.

If you’re curious about the other 303 recipes, I Quit Sugar: Simplicious is available online or head to your nearest book store.

Were you someone who requested a recipe pimp? Have you seen your request come to life in Simplicious?

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