How I build my breakfast

On my travels, I think I’m asked at every turn, by journalists or at public talks I give, what I eat for breakfast. I think it’s mostly because much of the planet can’t fathom a breakfast without sugar. The first thing I flag: drop the idea that breakfast should be sweet. Until the 1950s, when breakfast cereal was invented as a cure for sex addiction (seriously!), it was savoury.

One-Pan Bubble and Squeak Pancake
One-Pan Bubble and Squeak Pancake from the I Quit Sugar Healthy Breakfast Cookbook

So how do I do said savoury breakfast?

1. I start with veggies or fruit.

Want to know what all the healthy people I meet do? They jam-pack 2–3 serves into their first meal. I call it front-loading. The key to great health is to get as much nutrition into you and your family’s gullets as possible. I aim for 6–9 serves of veggies and two serves of fruit most days and use breakfast as a great vehicle for this.

2. I add protein. Not too much.

3. I add fat. Saturated.

This is important. Why? Because essential vitamins (A, E, K and D) can only be absorbed when eaten with fat. And we need said vitamins to effectively digest protein.

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