Sorry, but you shouldn’t be drinking almond milk!

Almond milk. Everyone’s drinking it. Indeed, it’s recently overtaken soy as the most popular dairy-alternative. Everyone, I fear, also seems to think it’s the clean and green cousin at the lactose-free barbeque. I’m really sorry, guys, I have news for you…

Should I drink almond milk - Sarah Wilson
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There’s a bunch of factors not commonly discussed. It’s time they should be.

1. The water.

Cop this:

It takes 5 litres of water to grow one almond.

Ouch. But it gets worse. Almost 82 per cent of the world’s almonds are grown in California, one of the most drought-affected places in the world. Australian almonds? Um, same issue.

2. The waste.

Almond milk is essentially a big bunch of almonds, blended with water and strained to extract the “milk”. The almond meal that’s left behind is tossed when almond milk is commercially produced. Very sad stuff.

3. The carbon footprint. 

The majority of almonds used to produce almond milk (even in Australia) are grown in the US. This means they have to be shipped around the world. Add the environmental cost of the packaging and you have yourself a small environmental disaster.

4. The dose of additives. 

Most brands are packed with thickeners, emulsifiers, sugars, and other crap stuff.

5. The nutritional value. 

Yes, almonds are full of vitamin E and B2, magnesium and copper. But most brands only contain about two per

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