My Indian Kimchi recipe: The best probiotic food

Kimchi is hands down THE best probiotic food out there. I add it to my meals on a regular basis and figured it’d be a good idea to share why it’s so bloody good for you…as well as a recipe from my latest book I Quit Sugar: SIMPLICIOUS. Yeah, for free.

My Indian Kimchi
My Indian Kimchi, recipe from I Quit Sugar: Simplicious

Probiotics vs prebiotics

Before I start ranting about the health benefits of kimchi I’ll distinguish between the two ‘biotics. Folk can get them confused.

* Probiotics are live “good” bacteria that aid the digestive system by controlling the growth of “bad” bacteria. That lactobacillus acidophilus in yoghurt…that’s a probiotic.

* Prebiotics on the other hand are non-digestible food fibres that enable probiotics to stick to the bowel wall and helps stimulate their growth. Fibres found in foods that typically make us fart are prebiotics (they travel to the large intestine intact where the “good” bacteria tries to break it down, facilitating “good” bacteria growth and…gas).

The two go hand in hand.

So why are probiotics so important?

Bacteria are crucial to human health. In fact, the vast community of bacteria (also called the microbiome)

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