10 things to do to heal your gut

I’m gut-health obsessed. I talk about gut health a lot, here and elsewhere. I believe most contemporary ills stem from gut issues and I’ve got my fair share of personal experience. Today, I’m sharing some of the tips and tricks I’ve accumulated in my years of research on the topic.

Things to heal your gut Sarah Wilson
Image via montanaroue.com

1. Don’t worry about dirt on veggies.

A little dirt provides your gut with some soil-based organisms, which, through a process of gene swapping with the microbiome, have been found to strengthen the immune system. European scientists worked out this is why kids living on organic farms are far less likely to develop asthma or allergies. They call it the “farm effect”. I reckon I have this…I used to live in dirt, eat dirt and certainly didn’t have a germ-a-phobe mum.

2. Quit sugar.

Sugar is your microbiome’s worst enemy. It promotes the growth of bad bacteria in the gut and hampers the growth of the good stuff. But good news: the effects of sugar are not irreversible (unlike the effects of seed oils, for instance). When you quit the white stuff and Just Eat Real Food, your gut flora will repair itself.

3. Avoid Aspartame. 

It’s converted to formaldehyde (yep, the stuff used an embalming fluid) in your body. Your liver can’t clear this toxin normally, so it remains lodged, activates inflammation in your gut and can lead to autoimmune issues and cancer growth.

4. Just Eat Real Food.

Because processed foods contain all the things you should avoid if you’re aiming for a

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